Brittany Sinegal, Vocals

Brittany Sinegal hails from the Cajun Creole city of Lafayette, Louisiana.

She performed at school talent shows starting at the tender age of seven in 1997 and started writing music in her early teens. Eventually Sinegal began creating sounds with her hands, mouth, and sounds from the computer that would match her song writing.

I have this fiery sensation inside, I just need to channel it in the right way, I believe there is no other way than MUSIC.

By 2015, after graduating college in Visual and Performing Arts, Sinegal finally fully explored the technical side of producing and recording her own music, in which she has created seven albums of multiple genres since.

Sinegal enjoys using a broad vocal range within music. Based on the specific genre being used, her range can fluctuate from contralto all the way to soprano. She has vocally explored with experimental, meditation, psychedelic, hip hop, pop, rock, trance, and ambient music.

When you hear my music you hear my soul.

Sinegal's musical influences include Kings of Leon, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Sigur Ros (Victory Rose), Coldplay, And Tracy Chapman.


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